The Joys of January

Joy has been the center of my life and my word for 2019 and I refuse to let anything come between that for any situation I come face to face with this year. January is just about over and we have experienced so much joy!

The first Of many joys we experienced this month was our faith in God. We kept Him at the top of our marriage and everything else just fell into place. It can be hard at times, but it’s SO worth it.

Another joy we experienced was with our daughter, Kaylee. We have been through so many trials of medications for her ADHD and we finally have the right medication that allows her to focus, to overcome, and to be the best that she can be🙌🏻

Joy also came last night as we celebrated and fellowshipped life with girlfriends from church! Our church isn’t a church filled with heard drama-it’s a church filled with love-Love for the believers, the nonbeliever, and people who want to know how to be filled with so much of Christ’s love. Our church loved my husband and me at a time when we didn’t love us and ourselves. They showed us compassion, love, and how to overcome, through prayers and love.

Another joy we faced this month was our finances. After meeting with a guy from our church about finances, he has been consistent with prayer for us and helping us lead the way and take control of our money.

This is just the first month of the brand new year and we have experienced a tremendous amount of JOY already. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in February.


Jess Chattin

Greatest Present of All

This morning while we gathered around the tree opening gifts, I imagined myself being around the manger, witnessing the greatest gift that God has sent for us, A Savior. I couldn’t imagine the excitement and overwhelming feelings I would have felt being around the manger, with Mary, Joseph, and our new Savior, like we do when we open our presents on Christmas morning-it wouldn’t have compared-At All.

John 3:17 states, ” For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save us through him.”

Jesus learned, while growing, great obedience through sacrifice and suffering.

Without the help of the Holy Spirit, the incarnation of Jesus would have not been possible.

Gods deep love and spirit offers us the opportunity to receive this gift and I hope that is the most important gift you chose today!

Jess Chattin


Merry Christmas

This year we wanted the focus of our Christmas to be on the true meaning of Christmas-Jesus!

The kids were in a Christmas pageant at our church, Eastlake Community Church in beautiful Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.

We had presents under the tree…

…and even had a nativity scene.

The nutcracker and presents wanted to know what their place was and how they represented the great news of all time.

The angel explained to everyone that the tree stood for life, everlasting life.

The lights on the tree represented the stars that shined bright for the wisemen to deliver such sacred gifts to the newborn king and everyone else who needed light to meet such a new savior.

As a mom to three children, I was super proud to take the focus off presents and acknowledging Jesus’ presence in the world, this Christmas.

Enjoy your Christmas with your family as we do the same!

Don’t forget that tomorrow when you wake up, pray to begin your day and thank God for sending us a savior!

Jess Chattin